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Why Christian Education?

  1. The education received is an investment that pays eternal dividends.

  2. Students develop patterns for life built on the sure foundation of the Word of God.

  3. Students are free to relate to God, gain knowledge of Him and share a common faith with other students and adults in the school.

  4. Strong student character based on biblical truths is developed starting in the earliest grades.

  5. Bible-based consistent discipline is modeled by teachers and administrators who understand what the Bible teaches about discipline.

  6. Students achieve academic successes not always possible in other settings.

  7. Students grow in faith because they hear the teaching of the Word of God on a daily basis.

  8. Biblical principles of relating appropriately to others is taught, modeled and reinforced at every level.

  9. Activities of the school reflect a Christian Biblical worldview.

  10. Students’ gifts and abilities are developed in concert with a Christian worldview.

  11. Students see service and selflessness modeled in contrast to today’s world culture of selfishness and consumerism.

  12. Parents gain support from other parents with the same Biblical worldview.

  13. God’s purpose for life is clearly stated and based on His commands.

  14. Self esteem is based on the truth that all are created in the image of God and other Bible truths.

  15. Children get the opportunity for rich outreach and service to others in the community.

  16. The students have opportunity to see God’s answer to problems and challenges of life.

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